You can never really understand anyone else triumphs and pains unless you have been in the situation by yourself. I remember one day when I was twelve, this doctor said to my face that I had a muscle-wasting condition with ultimately no cures. My whole life, I enjoyed playing sports and being able to enjoy time with my friends without feeling any restriction. This really hit me hard and sent my father, mother, and me into different states of shock and minor depression.

I do not think we ever get over the traumatic experience that I had experienced in my life. One of the speakers that came into our school yesterday told everyone in the school of one of his poems that “spoke to me.” There were three sons, one was given wealth, one was given chances for adventures, and one was given love. The one that experienced love was the only son who actually enjoyed his life. The moral of the story is that everyone has to acknowledge all of the bizarre circumstances that we have. To breathe, the oxygen that we can and to spend one extra second alive can give us more happiness. Like the son who had love, make the most of friends and family that support you entirely and do the things that you love.

Enjoying life is the one lesson that came to me unexpectedly. I initially forced myself into a bubble that I did not want to escape off because I was afraid of showing people my “true colors.” While I am still stuck inside of this safe bubble, due to the fear of exposing myself to the world, I remind myself of my fantastic opportunities and future goals.

With the remembrance of many traumatic actions, I continually gain more confidence and grasp at happiness that I am lucky enough to be able to achieve. I use my positive and negative emotions from my past and present to make the most of my life. For anyone reading this, I encourage you to think about the memories and fun opportunities you have experienced. Love the life that has been given to you because you never know when your whole life may completely change.