Before my family and I discovered that I had Muscular Dystrophy, I had a few blood tests. They showed that I had high cholesterol, high CK levels, and I have always had stomach issues. My mum forced me into this strict food plan that she called “Jacks Rabbit Food plan.” In short, it consisted of eating vegetables and fruit of all kinds of color, stripping out fried food, going gluten-free, and eating small meals throughout the day instead of one main meal for each period of the day. If you would like to view a more detailed description of the diet, please click on the link below

The first two months were utterly awful because I felt as if I was starving myself. Little did I know that I was merely getting over the addiction that I had to sugar, which is an entirely underrated problem in this society. Following the feeling of starvation, I felt the best that I had ever felt in my entire life. I had so much energy and felt happiness all due to the new diet.

My mum continued to buy me organic fruits, vegetables, and lean meat, which I have grown to love to this day. Looking back at the difficult decision my mum made, to force me onto this path of healthy eating, despite all my complaining, I would never change that decision. I am unaware as to how I lived eating junk foods because of all of the adverse side effects I have endured.

In the future, my new diet has helped me tremendously because steroids tend to increase people’s appetites. Although there is currently a lack of research that distinguishes the millions of benefits healthy eating has, my experience has shown how positive the impacts are. My belief regarding steroids is that if people are taking them, they should be eating healthy foods to prevent the negative effects that steroids intensify.

I would advise everyone (no matter their situation) to try to eat healthier every day. The path is arduous and will require a lot of will-power, but your body will be thanking you.