One of the things that continually gnaws at my determination is to understand when it is necessary to stop, lay down, and relax. I have always enjoyed being extremely active and participating in as many things as possible. As my time to commit to multiple things is decreasing, I ensure that I am at my most optimal space as well as I can. When I get sick although, it is like I am unable to do what I enjoy which at times gets to me more than I let by.

When you contract a sickness, people need to understand that your body is in need of treatment and relaxation to get back to being a predator in this cruel world. Sickness can be a sign of exhaustion within the body which is vital to avoiding as much as possible with any condition. Although at the moment, it may remove all sources of motivation and maybe even convince you to have a need to prove yourself to anyone around you.

The sickness creates a battle within your body with your immune system and whatever virus is impacting you. However, the most important clash within this situation is the one that is prominent in your mind. Be congruent with your body and allow yourself time to relax so that you can recover as quickly as possible.

I was sick recently and had my mother created this moment of realization for me. People with any form of muscular dystrophy need to understand that the recovery of muscles or any prevention for deterioration can only take place when you gain enough sleep and rest. This also ensures that people stay as healthy as possible no matter what. At times, we prioritize ourselves with excessive food habits, video games, and television while sleep is the ultimate solution to all of our problems.

In short, it is vital for your wellbeing to ensure you gain a sufficient amount of rest and “listen” to your body when it is letting you know that more rest is required. Sleep is the best way to ensure you are being as productive as possible, can prevent sicknesses and its extensive impacts, and WILL help you achieve any of your goals. Your body is your safe haven and the only reason you are alive. Respect your body by caring for it as much as possible and giving yourself rest when it is necessary.